Today, as part of its continued efforts to provide a best in class experience for all users of all levels, FanDuel announced new “Pocket Change” contests. Available now in the FanDuel lobby, users can now enter contests for as little as a penny or a quarter for the chance to win free contest entries and cash prizes.

In addition, as we continue to ensure our site is a fair, fun environment for everyone, we are announcing new restrictions for experienced players (i.e. players with a badge on our site) that have demonstrated significant levels of skill and/or profits, in lower entry fee contests. Beginning 9/19, you will be ineligible to enter public contests with entry fees ranging from $.01 – $2.99 if you have an experienced player badge and meet the following criteria:

  1. You have played more than $1 million in lifetime entry fees; or
  2. You have profits of more than $50k.  

We will update the list of affected users every Tuesday morning after Monday night’s contests settle, and the restrictions will go into effect that same Tuesday night. At that time, your status may change if your settled contests enable you to meet the above criteria. Any entries made in $.01-$2.99 contests prior to Tuesday night will remain unaffected, but users will be restricted from making such entries going forward.