We’ve been talking a lot about the 2015 World Fantasy Baseball Championship and, today, we want to introduce you to our winner(s). Meet Ray Coburn of Jackson, N.J. and his FanDuel playing partner Cory Albertson who brought home the $1 million first-place prize at this past weekend’s live event. Both Ray and Cory spend upwards of 30 hours a week playing daily fantasy sports and their hard work has paid off.


When asked about the growth of the daily fantasy sports industry, Cory Albertson said, “we started doing this almost four years ago when fantasy sports was not nearly as big as it is now.” Albertson went on to say, “when we started there was no winning $1 million dollars in a contest, so to be around and watch the industry grow as it has and to be able to have a night like tonight is very exciting.”

Congratulations, rayofhope!